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Certified Professional Organizers(CPO®).  Alyssa holds the distinction of being a member of the inaugural examination class and now holds the honored distinction of  being CPO®!

Received her Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization from the ICD.

Board member of the New York City chapter of NAPO since 2007.

 Alyssa on the Dr. Phil show!    In addition to Master Plan Organizers, Alyssa works with Julie Morgenstern on a project by project basis.  The last project was a Dr. Phil episode in which Alyssa appeared with Julie and 4 other organizers. This show orginally aired on January 2nd, 2006 but never fear, we have a link to it right here! Just scroll down to the, "Clutter Crisis?"  and click on the slide show.    Click for the Dr. Phil Show

Alyssa would like to thank Gail for letting her into her home and putting her trust in her organizing skills. 

Stay tuned for future TV appearences by Alyssa.

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